Hagar Shir - Voice of the Earth

Voz de la Tierra

Hagar Shir -
Voice of the Earth

Voz de la Tierra

נגן וידאו

Here is a selection of sounds from the album:

Hello dear friends and family from all over the world!

Hola a mis amigos queridos de todo el mundo!

So happy to invite you to join me in this exciting adventure. Voz de la Tierra is a musical journey that tells an ancient story. It’s an invitation to re-member ourselves, children of the Earth, cosmic beings of light. All the songs here are original melodies that came from my heart and from my deep soul connection to Native American cultures.

I dream to share with the world this happy vibrant prayer of music and sound – the calling of the Mother Earth to us to awaken, know ourselves and shine our light. This album has special healing frequencies that call upon your soul song, your unique dance in creation.

To join me and help me fulfill my dream – you’re welcome to get the album or other gifts offered here. That will support me in funding the last stages of the production of the album. Doing so, you’ll be the first to receive the album in a couple of months.

Please note that billing charges are immediate 💖


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Can’t wait to send you these magical vibes…

With love and gratitude to each one of you,

In Prayer for peace and happiness to all children and beings of the Earth.


Welcome to meet me also in my website 💖 to hear a few early versions of songs from the album, and know more about the project and my healing work with sounds of light:

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Digital album before the official release of the album to the digital platforms

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Pack of digital albums by Hagar Shir

Discounted pack of Hagar Shir's albums in digital version: the former album "Journey in sounds of light" (recorded live in Healing Sound sessions) and the new album "Voz de la Tierra"

Live on-line concert of
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5 disks of your choice from: Voz de la Tierra (the new album), Journey in Sounds of Light (Hagar Shir), Meeting in the Magical Garden and Song of Wind and Sea (Shaul Margalit)

Voice Magic lesson with Hagar Shir
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Personal lesson of voicework and healing with Hagar Shir
(by skype/zoom)
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Energetic Healing session from the Mayan tradition (by zoom/skype)

Energetic healing session from the lineage of the Curanderos of the Maya (Divine intervention and Light Language) with Hagar Shir


Welcome to meet me in my website 💖 to hear a few of the songs in the album that are already recorded, and know more about the Project and my healing work with sounds of light:

גלילה לראש העמוד